Together, they have unimaginable power. But unless they part, that power may destroy them. As the dark lord Thoth raises a monstrous army, Sylas and Naeo discover that their new-found power could also be their undoing. At the same time, Sylas longs to find his mother, and Naeo her father. So begins a mirrored quest that will bring Naeo into our world of science and take Sylas deep into the magic of the Other. They both hope to find the one the other loves, but also the ultimate truth: of our broken worlds and divided souls, of prophecy and of Sylas and Naeo’s wondrous power. But it’s a race against time. Even as they begin their journey, Thoth’s creatures mass at the gateways between our worlds – at the ancient circles of stone…War is coming and unless Sylas and Naeo can stop it, it may destroy us all.

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Over het verhaal

The two giant trees towered above the others, their arms outstretched as though claiming the ancient forest as their own. But it was not only their size that made these mighty oaks so magical, nor their drapery of white where the other trees wore thin cloaks of orange and brown leaves. What made them wondrous was their slow graceful motion. Like commanders inspecting their troops they took a stately path between the lesser trees, sweeping this way and that through the vast skeletal canopy.
And so it was that as the forest chattered and rustled and chirped its welcome, the great masts of the Windrush brought it to the end of its long journey. (blz. 3)

In het eerste deel is Sylas door Naeo naar haar wereld geroepen. Ze blijken elkaars wederhelft te zijn. Samen zijn één. Samen kunnen ze krachten oproepen. Een nadeel is dat als ze te dicht bij elkaar in de buurt komen ze allebei doodziek worden. Maar hun krachten zullen hard nodig zijn. Toth wil de macht over alle werelden hebben en hij heeft een leger van monsters gemaakt om daarbij te helpen. Zijn leger gaat op weg naar de wereld van Sylas…

He drew himself back in the chair and turned to Scarpia. For a moment, a flicker of lamplight penetrated his hood and part of his face could be seen. It was hardly a face at all, but rather a gathering of features, shimmering and shifting in the changing light. It was in constant flux: his narrow jaw suddenly seeming broad and then long and then narrow; the large sockets of his eyes momentarily waning to those of a child, then widening, then falling under an overhanging brow. All this took place in the blink of an eye, so that none of these features reached any definition at all. They were a blur, leaving a vague impression of shaded hollows for eyes, a protrusion for the nose and a wide gash for the mouth.
“And so to business,” he said, his empty features stretching and moving as he spoke. “While you have been sleeping, I have been tirelesss. I have been reflecting and planning. I have decided that if we must be infected by this child from the Other, this young Sylas Tate, then we will take the good with the bad. We will reach into his mirrored world and take all that is rightfully ours! We will make these children rue the day they opened the way between the worlds.” (blz. 51)

Om beide werelden te redden moet Sylas en Naeo allebei naar een andere wereld. Ze hebben een taak te vervullen. Sylas blijft in de wereld van Naeo en gaat op zoek naar Naeos vader, die gevangen genomen is door Toth. Naeo gaat naar de wereld van Sylas en gaat daar op zoek naar de moeder van Sylas. Zij is opgenomen in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis. Het leger van Toth volgt Naeo naar de andere wereld…

She turned to the window and saw the unthinkable.
The sun’s rays plunged from the sky in a muddle and weave, spiralling erratically between the rocks. But more worrying still: the stone circle had been transformed. The void of the standing arches now rippled with golden sunlight, shimmering and shifting like the surface of water. The blaze brought forth things of darkness and shadow, crouching and crawling from the ether. Their half-blood shape was unmistakable: powerful, sloping necks, high canine ears, the muzzles of wolves and the lithe, powerful stance of a predator.
Naeo shook her head. “This can’t be happening!”
The creatures looked smaller than she knew them, less than the height of a man, but they had lost none of their menace, none of their terrifying, chilling intent.
And now they were here, in the Other.
How could this be? How could they be showing themselves like this? In broad daylight? This went again all the rules, all the teachings. Even for Scarpia – even for Thoth himself – this was unimaginable. And yet there they were, breaching the way between the worlds. (blz. 202)

Er is oorlog! In beide werelden. Zullen Sylas en Naeo in staat zijn om de oorlog te laten stoppen? Zullen ze hun ouders terug vinden?

Mening over het boek

Recensie van Ikvindlezenleuk (Mathilde) (ouder dan 18 jaar)
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Dit is het tweede deel uit een trilogie (serie van 3). Ik ben benieuwd hoe het verhaal verder gaat. Het eerste deel is vertaald in het Nederlands (“De klok tussen de werelden”), maar helaas zal de rest van de trilogie niet vertaald worden.
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