Robin Jarvis – The Whitby witches

Robin Jarvis – The Whitby witches


boekomslag Robin Jarvis - The Whitby witchesWhen orphans Ben and Jennet arrive in the seaside town of Whitby to stay with Alice Boston, they have no idea what to expect. A lively 92-year-old, Miss Boston is unlike any other foster mother they’ve known. Ben is gifted with ’the sight’, which gives him the power to see things invisible to other mortals. He soon encounters the mysterious fisher folk who live under the cliffs and discovers that Alice and her friends are not quite what they seem. But a darkness is stalking the streets of Whitby, bringing with it fear and death. Could it be a ghost from the Abbey? Or a beast from hell? Unless the truth is uncovered, the town and all its inhabitants is doomed.

Schrijver: Robin Jarvis
Titel: The Whitby witches
Uitgeverij: Headline Publishing Group (GB)
Jaartal: 1991
Bladzijden: 336
Illustrator: Robin Jarvis
ISBN: 9781405285407
Genre: geen
Leeftijd: 10+

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